An old lady kidnapped my band and me, and we were constantly trying to escape, but for some reason it was very difficult for us. She had a high powered vacuum cleaner that she would threaten us with if we tried to leave.

The twins I knew in preschool grew up to write two separate books on their eating disorders, both titled "Rehab" and both covers had a picture of themselves cutely sticking a finger down their throats.

I was a little blind girl at a church camp but I was also an atheist so I refused to participate in any activities despite the efforts of the camp counselors. They kept trying to get me to do crafts but I was blind so I couldn’t do it. A kid I used to go to elementary school with, Jordan, was the youth pastor. And I only stayed because they said they’d take us to a concert at the end of the week.

I went on a trip to some shops with a group of methy middle aged women and it was a very cool shop and it had a lot of cute Sanrio things, and dolls, but everything was very expensive. After the shop we went to a Chinese restaurant and my brother made fun of my weight so I started crying.

I was at band practice but last minute Abby asked me to play the harp for her at church and I ended up being really good at it.

I was an art class assistant at the private school. There were a few other assistants my age. One of the other assistants was a gay guy I went to high school with. My brother really wanted to meet him so I brought him with me and they became good friends.

I was living with a really nice couple and their two kids. They had a really nice house and they all really liked me, and I liked them. It was my birthday and I picked out a cute outfit for school.

My grandparents went back to the lake, leaving my brother and I at home. Two of their “friends” came over but we quickly realized they were there to kidnap us so I ran out the door and down the street, and tried calling W but he didn’t answer. I finally waved down an old lady’s car and asked her to quickly drive me away but as she was driving I realized she was driving me towards the evil couple and she was working with them, so I tried to take the wheel but I couldn’t so I just jumped out and kept running. I hid under a car but the evil man found me.

Amir came over to my house for a short visit and as he was leaving I realized he left his hat on the front of his motorcycle and he didn’t notice so I went out to tell him but as he backed out of the garage I noticed three stray dogs that had shown up so I motioned for him to stop but he couldn’t hear me or see me and ended up running over the smallest dog. I got really upset and put the two smaller dogs in a pen and tied up the larger one in the backyard, and I got really scared that the small one would die because it was bleeding a lot. When my family got home I showed them the dogs and told them what happened and they said I should keep them and try to help the little dog get better so I did. And it got better very quickly under my care.

I was living at college and my roommate was Chloe Lukasiak and I was so excited, she picked out such cute decorations and we got along really well and did everything together. A girl I used to go to school with, Jensen, kept sneaking into our room pretending to be a cat though and it made me extremely mad. Another girl at the college brought her dog. The problem was that the college was on a highway, the dog started to run out into the road when she was walking him. Neither of them were harmed thankfully. I wouldn’t have liked to see that, even in a dream.

We were going to see a movie in a big theater that was joined with a hotel and a mall. It was me, W, my grandma, and my brother. At first we sat with two ladies from church, Sue and Mary Anne, but then we went to the mall for a while to shop til the movie started and when we came back our seats were gone, so we went to sit in the back with Jason and Tiff. When the movie started I realized I had already seen it so I went to my room in the (very creepy) hotel. I had found out W was cheating on me but we were coming up on a holiday or special day so I decided to make a plan. I was going to give him a framed picture of the girl he was cheating on me with as a present. But he came into my hotel room and saw that I had searched for her name and he started going crazy and being really mean to me so I told him to leave and I said “fuck you.” I was feeling unsafe so I bought a gun from the mall and decided to go sleep in my family’s hotel room for the night. He eventually came after me, as I knew he would. I showed him I had a gun so he was pretty reserved because he didn’t want to get shot so we were both acting sweetly and I politely gave him back his blender. “Be sure to check inside of it to make sure it’s clean,” I told him. So he looked inside. But I had connected the blender to a gun that I could trigger with a button press from a few feet away so when he looked inside I made it shoot him and he died. Then I fled the scene.

I was hanging out with a group of friends. It was me, Zeke, Harmony, and Mr Borders. We ate at McDonald’s (I got a double cheeseburger and a 6 pack of nuggets) and then went to the water park. But on one of the slides, the exit led to a scary underground slum and it was very hard to find the way out and there were intestine-eating dogs that lived in there and probably murderers as well, so the whole friend group ended up getting stuck in there but at separate parts of it so we had to find each other and together we found the way out eventually but it was really scary because we could hear the dogs and everything seemed to lead in circles, and just when you thought you were getting out, you turn the corner and you’re not even close.

I was visiting a college in my hometown to take a tour with some guys I went to high school with. We were talking about school and it was nice. Once that was over, I went to ABC to hang out with W. And I hadn't seen him in a long time, so we were cuddling and then all of a sudden some girl walked into his room without even knocking to get something of hers out of his closet so it pissed me off. Her name was Kaya or something so I waved at her since apparently she's friends with W and then after some small talk with him, she left. And once she was gone, W said "you should really make more of an effort with her, follow her on Instagram or something," so I said ok and I did. Then I started to go home, but I was driving the truck and pulling an RV. I pulled over to eat dinner in a little diner on the way home, but then after I had gotten back on the road I realized I needed gas so I pulled over again at a gas station. The pump I was at wouldn't taje my card and then the truck wouldn't start for me to move it. My grandparents were out of town so I called my mom for help and she said she was on the way. It was getting dark. While I waited, Elizabeth pulled up at the gas station, so I talked to her until she had to leave. Then a family having car trouble came by and we talked for a really long time but then the sun set and their car was fixed so they had to go. A bad fight had also broken out at this point so I hunkered down in the truck. My brother's old friend DJ was in the fight and ended up getting killed, so I just stayed hidden in the truck until my grandparents came to pick me up finally.

I took a really long bath, I was getting ready to go on a trip. Brooke from Dance Moms was there and she was a bitch. I "lost" my suitcase but suspected it was actually stolen, probably by Brooke. I also made loom bracelets for all my friends.

I was stranded in the desert with two guys and a girl. We had been there for five months. One day we came across a wooden swing and a gas can. We sat down in the swing and decided to play a game where we pour some gas on the sand and light it on fire. But then one of the guys poured the gas too close to the other guy. I told them to be careful but the lit it anyway. The fire got on his shoe but he didn't care. It started spreading to his whole body and then the girl sitting beside him, and soon the whole swing caught on fire. Apparently someone saw all the smoke and firefighters picked us up in a helicopter. All of us lived except the guy who lit the fire in the first place. The rest of us were suffering from survivors guilt so we all went back into the desert.

I got locked in a room and started trying to escape by kicking the door down. When I woke up I was kicking my bedroom wall.

W had gotten a house in another city and I didn't go with him, but I was going for a visit. While I was there I saw N's car in his driveway and got angry asking why she was there. He told me she had just come to pick something up and left her car there. I eventually got him to admit he had been seeing her. I was enraged and he acted like I had no reason to be mad. I broke up with him. He tried to stop me by saying "you're gonna have to get rid of so much stuff, everything I gave you, all the clothes I got you." He was being mean to me even though he was the one who cheated. I even texted his parents and told him what a shitty person he was. He even got her a cute bra as a present. I keyed both of their cars and then killed myself.

Me, W, and K were riding together to go through a drive through. W thought it would be a good idea to let K drive despite me saying it was a terrible idea. W let K drive and K ended up wrecking the truck. We had to go to my lawyer's office to settle it. The lawyer's office was in the process of being renovated and was in conjunction with a Catholic girls' school. These events somehow led my grandpa to file for divorce from my grandma.

I got into a car accident. Wile the car was rolling I prayed that it would land right-side-up. It landed upside down.

Work was going terribly. Personal life was going terribly. I was reaching out for help wherever I could but it seemed like nobody could hear me. I was desperate to die, so I decided to kill myself. I started walking through the desert, the ground beneath me spiralling to the sky. I continued the long journey to the top. When I finally got there, the sand dropped off into an abyss below. I stepped forward.