Welcome to my City

To those of you not yet born but of the future

And to those not of the Earth

I am a primitive living in an age of

post-religious pre-immortal earth-bound anxiety.

Who can be content as just a link in the chain of evolution?

Population: 1

About Me

according to the micro-world

i am just an event

created by a cohesive effort of form particles in motion

i occur as structure

through the temporaty organization of interacting atoms

in essence i am nothing but a complex of pulsing emptiness being a decendent of a supernova explosion and directly related to the sun

i am an astro-physical body

confined to a geometry which projects consciousness

My Toys


The Lucid Realm

pulsating within distortion's electrifying presence

disfigured beyond imagery's symbolic recognition

inversely reversed inside out contrary to contradiction

I'm just a vibration